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Ubabalo Whole Life Coaching Library

Ubabalo Whole Life Coaching Library

Welcome to the Ubabalo Whole Life Coaching resource library!

Ubabalo (meaning 'grace' in Xhosa) began in South Africa to address the challenge of fatherlessness in Africa. We have discovered that this challenge extends beyond Africa and so we need trendsetters who will reverse the destruction of fatherlessness. The world needs a new breed of leaders/coaches who will take future generations away from many social concerns.

The Ubabalo coach uses sport as a microcosm of life to instill sound life values during regular coaching sessions on the sports field. It enables the coach to be an effective role model/father-figure/mentor in the player's life. The coach is thus able to make effective use of the teachable moments during the sport training session to impact the players' lives in all areas of life, thus becoming a 'whole life coach'.

Sport coaches are trained in Whole Life Coaching principles and supplied the Ubabalo curriculum. Each sport skill is linked with a corresponding Biblical value which is taught as part of the bi-weekly / tri-weekly sports training. The values operate as open doors to Bible-based discipleship.

Our objective is to transform youth through whole life coaching.

As Ubabalo has touched a felt need globally, the long-term plan is to continue providing training, development of life skills and leadership lessons for different sporting codes and in different languages. So keep visiting this library for new resources.

Send an email to Ubabalo team.

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Collapse Ubabalo Trainers Resources (4 resources)Ubabalo Trainers Resources (4 resources)
Ubabalo Level 1 Training (Nov2011)
Ubabalo Level 1 Discovery Groups
Ubabalo Level 2 Training
Ubabalo Level 2 Discovery Groups
Collapse Coaching For Life (Football) (5 resources)Coaching For Life (Football) (5 resources)
Coaching for Life Coach's Manual
Coaching for Life PowerPoint
Coaching for Life Trainers Manual
Coaching for Life Player cards
Coaching for Life Translation Templates
Collapse Ubabalo Videos (2 resources)Ubabalo Videos (2 resources)
Ubabalo Video Library
Ubabalo Africa Church video
Collapse Kids Ubabalo (2 resources)Kids Ubabalo (2 resources)
Coach Guides for UbabaloKids
UbabaloKids Coaching Sessions
Collapse Football sessions (5 resources)Football sessions (5 resources)
Ubabalo Soccer Sessions 41-60
Ubabalo Soccer Sessions 61-80
Ubabalo Soccer Sessions 81-100
Ubabalo Soccer Sessions 1-20
Ubabalo Soccer Session 21-40
Collapse Netball sessions (1 resource)Netball sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Netball Sessions
Collapse Volleyball sessions (1 resource)Volleyball sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Volleyball Session 1-15
Collapse Cycling sessions (1 resource)Cycling sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Cycling Session 1-36
Collapse Floorball sessions (1 resource)Floorball sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Floorball Session 1-36
Collapse Futsal sessions (1 resource)Futsal sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Futsal Sessions 1-9
Collapse Handball sessions (1 resource)Handball sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Handball Session 1-13
Collapse Hockey sessions (1 resource)Hockey sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Field Hockey Session 1-20
Collapse Ice Hockey sessions (1 resource)Ice Hockey sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Ice Hockey Session 1-20
Collapse Rugby sessions (2 resources)Rugby sessions (2 resources)
Ubabalo Rugby Sessions
Ubabalo Rugby Session 21-40
Collapse Table Tennis sessions (1 resource)Table Tennis sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Table Tennis Session 1-10
Collapse Tchoukball sessions (1 resource)Tchoukball sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Tchoukball Session 1-14
Collapse Softball sessions (1 resource)Softball sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Softball Session 1-11
Collapse Baseball sessions (1 resource)Baseball sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Baseball Session 1-10
Collapse Tennis sessions (1 resource)Tennis sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Tennis 1-20
Collapse Basketball sessions (1 resource)Basketball sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Basketball Session 1-20
Collapse Cricket sessions (1 resource)Cricket sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Cricket Session 1-10
Collapse Badminton sessions (1 resource)Badminton sessions (1 resource)
Badminton sessions 1-12
Collapse Running sessions (1 resource)Running sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Running Sessions
Collapse Golf sessions (1 resource)Golf sessions (1 resource)
Ubabalo Golf Session (incomplete)
Collapse Judo Sessions (1 resource)Judo Sessions (1 resource)
Judo Ubabalo Sessions
Collapse Logos, T-shirts & Artwork (1 resource)Logos, T-shirts & Artwork (1 resource)
Ubabalo Logos
Collapse Ubabalo Audio (1 resource)Ubabalo Audio (1 resource)
Ubabalo Audio Library