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What is Max7?

Jesus said, “I came so that everyone would have life, and have it in its fullest.” (John 10:10. CEV),

Max7 is a library of free ministry resources in many languages. It exists to serve the Body of Christ, specifically children. Max7 wants to see children everywhere living life to the MAX with Jesus 7 days a week.

The Max7 website offers resources which have been shared by thousands of generous followers of Jesus to help you as you make disciples. At Max7 you'll find:

  • outreach materials, Bible teaching materials, videos, songs, Bible Curriculum, visuals and much more

  • resources for all ages

  • resources for many areas of ministry.

Anyone who has created content can share their own work on Max7 for others to access.

All this can be downloaded by anyone and used freely. We want children’s ministry resources to be available to anyone who needs them.

Finally, ALL resources on Max7 are provided free of charge. They have no commercial branding and are released from copyright. This means you can download resources then modify, translate and used in a way that suits your local situation. For full details, see the Max7 Terms of Service.

For more information around permissions for using resources on Max7, please see the Frequently Asked Questions.