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Create a new Library

Creating a Library of your collected resources is a great way to get involved with Max7 and serve your ministry.

A Max7 Library is an ordered collection of resources. You can even sort them into folders and subfolders. It could be a library of your favorite resources. Or a library of resources to be used in an upcoming program - to share with the leaders involved in the program. Or a curriculum of lessons, organised by term. Or anything at all!

You can build by uploading your own resource, or by making a library of existing resources. You can also create a blended collection.

You can create your own Library, or you can create a Library to be managed by a Community. A Community is a group of Max7 users who can each be given different permissions to view, create and edit resources owned by that Community. You can set up a Community on the Community page.

Are you ready to create your first library?

In order to create and manage your libraries, you will need to sign in (or sign up).