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Channels provide content creators with the opportunity to create their own Max7-like site containing only their own resources (or resources they choose).

A Max7 Channel has its own unique web address and can be styled and modified to customize its appearance. When users browse through or search for resources, they will only be offered resources in the Channel rather than the full range of Max7 resources.

To create a Channel, start by creating a Library. This Library will power your Channel and the resources in your Library will be the ones made available through your Channel.

Once your Library is ready, go the Channel tab in the Library editor and click the Create a Channel for this Library button. This will create a Channel powered by your library, that will be visible through the unique web address.

Your original Library and all of its Resources will still be visible through the main Max7 site, but if you change any Resource or Library's Visibility to Unlisted then Max7 users will not be directed to it, although your Channel will be unaffected. It is common practice to make the Library that powers a Channel Unlisted unless you also want users to be able to explore it on the main Max7 site.

If you have a team of people who will manage your Channel, make sure that the underlying Library is owned by a Community.

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