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The Max7 strategy invites all believers to use resources from Max7. We also welcome you to share resources using the Max7 site and strategy.

Thank you for choosing to share your resources via the Max7 strategy. This website will help children and families everywhere to walk with Jesus! Everyone who uses Max7 is so thankful for your generosity.

When you Upload to Max7 you can share:

  • A new resource you have made and own the copyright on.
  • A translation of an existing resource that you got from Max7
  • A support resource: a full less, or activity or some other teaching element you created to go with a resource you used from Max7!
  • You can share resources, for leaders, teachers, families, and children.


All resources that are shared on Max7 are checked and moderated by a volunteer who can understand the language the resource is in. Max7 will automatically send you a notification once a moderator has seen your UPLOAD.


This site is multi-lingual. Every resource can be described and shared in multiple languages. So:

  • You can share a resource in one language and others may translate it!
  • If you have a resource in multiple languages, share the first file/language, and once it is approved, you can add the translations to the same resource page.

Different resources are welcome!

You can share any file type and any resource that you can dream up!

Our challenging times call for innovative responses and community engagement. If you have had to find creative ways to reach your community, there’s a good chance that someone else in the world is facing a similar challenge. They will want to use your resource.

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