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KidsHubs is a free global mentoring concept that helps reach out to disciple children and young people in small groups. It can be used as part of an existing program or group, in a church, a school, a camp or to start a new group in your community. KidsHubs seek to help children learn how to follow Jesus from the Bible at the same time as learning a new skill for life. It is also a great way to encourage adults and teenagers to interact with and disciple children. KidsHubs can be based around just about anything—sport, media, photography, drama, cooking, farming, chess, music and so much more. Check out the programs written to date, stored in this library. KidsHubs is not an organisation, but a free idea and a movement. KidsHubs has its own website:

Alongside KidsHubs Sessions is KidsHubTV, an exciting new kids club-style TV program, which mirrors the local KidsHub groups featuring a Bible story and theme and skills demonstrated by a cast of children along with young adult leaders. Check out the details here, or go to the website - a great place for kids:

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