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A FlashLab is an intensive opportunity to work on creating new resources that you need for your community. FlashLabs are a:

● Simple, guided, and collaborative process.

● Relational, for teams spread across the world; or teams working on-site together.

● To achieve results over a specific period of time.

● Contain capacity building (micro-trainings) to help build specific facilitation skills, thinking skills, and creative production skills for a FlashLab environment.

● To start, work on and finish resources you need.

● In your language and for your people (we're working on the translations!).

The FlashLab process, and the capacity building (micro training) has been designed by people who work with children, youth, families and communities in many different countries and cultures. The process is flexible enough to use to create specific resources for ministry use as well as developing vision, mission statements or strategic plans.

You can watch the videos describing the process on Max7 YouTube -