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Color thru the Life of Jesus: 32 Bible Lessons for Children

32 Bible lessons for children ages 4-12 about the Life of Jesus. These lessons introduce children to the main events in Jesus life, from his birth to his ascension into heaven.

The lesson order is flexible, though it is recommended to start this series in December, preparing for Jesus birth, and teach the Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension lessons on the corresponding calendar days.

Each lesson features a coloring page with a key verse and an activities page. These are great lessons for those who are not yet strong readers. Teacher resources include a lesson plan and suggested activities for each lesson.

1 God's Promise
2 Good News
3 Joseph and the Angel
4 The Birth of Jesus
5 Prophecies Fulfilled
6 Jesus in the Temple
7 The Baptism of Jesus
8 The Temptation of Jesus
9 The First Disciples
10 Jesus' First Miracle
11 Jesus Teaches (1)
12 Jesus Teaches (2)
13 Jesus feeds 5000
14 Jesus heals
15 Jesus raises Lazarus
16 Jesus heals (2)
17 The Sower Parable
18 The Good Samaritan
19 The Ten Young Women
20 Jesus and the Children
21 The Transfiguration
22 The Triumphal Entry
23 Jesus’ Crucifixion
24 Doubting Thomas
25 Judas and Peter
26 The road to Emmaus
27 Miraculous Fish Catch
28 The Great Commission
29 Jesus’ Ascension
30 The Holy Spirit Comes
31 Why Jesus Came
32 Jesus is Coming Back