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Last Edited 12/11/2013
BibleMAXteens Leader's Guide
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This guide is an ideas bank for leaders of teenagers. Any leader working with teens will be able to use these ideas in any program they are running. These ideas link in with BibleMAX Teen sessions, and can all be found in the BibleMAX teens library.

This guide is based on ideas about how teenagers learn differently from one another. If we always deal with the Bible message in the same way, for example preaching and discussion, then the only teenagers who will respond fully are those whose learning style is based around listening and words. But what about those children who learn by doing or through music or images? They will be disengaged.

To learn more about this go to the CYCAS Global training package M1.2 ‘How children and young people learn’. Also go to T3.2 ‘How adults learn’, to find out about passive and active learning.

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