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AI toolkit (Oct 2023)

This toolkit was created in October 2023 to help ministry leaders across the world as they serve in children, youth, family, sport, generosity, fitness and other forms of ministry. It is a practical and simple introduction to the use of Artificial Intelligence in ministry. This booklet focuses on how to use AI, rather than on all the potential dangers and ethical issues around AI. AI is developing so fast, that much in this booklet may be out of date by the time you read it. But much in here is practical and simple and will likely apply in some way for many different AI applications. We have focused on AI that is free and accessible on a phone. It also focuses on creating text and images with AI.

To find out more:

To see videos referenced in this booklet go to the AI Learning playlist on YouTube: To see a list of AI applications, go here:

You can also join the WhatsApp AI learning community.

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