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ChatMatters - a Chat Mat for talking around the table

Talking about life matters. Conversations matter. How do we begin those deeper conversations about life, values, our goals, and our dreams for our family and close friends? These Chat Mats and the ChatMatters Guide will give you a kick-start to a very simple way of introducing deeper conversation topics as you share a meal. A Table Mat has been created with adults in mind - a small group in your church, a group of older family members, etc. An alternate Mat has been created for occasions when children are present around the table - a family meal, a children’s group at your church, etc. The questions are simpler, and they still help adults and children dig deep in conversation about the important things in life. It’s time to start talking...

Double sided children's mat - smaller file
Double sided adult's mat- small file
ChatMatters Guide
Side 1 Children - large file
Side 2 Children - large file
Side 1 Adults - large file
Side 2 Adults - large file
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