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Easter stations

Do you want your community to dig deeper into the Easter Story? Here are 7 Easter activity ‘stations’ you could set up in your space or outside to help people experience the amazing story of Easter. You can use all or just some of the stations. Give people the option to do all the activities or just some at their own pace. Allow 30 minutes. Suitable for all ages.

Do you need a much simpler version that requires very few resources? Look under "related resources" for the LOW RESOURCE version. It requires no more than pencils, paper, foot washing equipment and some fabric to run the stations.

Leader Guide
Posters - colour
Posters - Black and white
Story Cube
Sounds of Easter - Audio with video
Sounds of Easter - Audio only
Sounds of Easter - Activity sheet
Sounds of Easter - Answers
Translatable - Leader Guide
Translatable - colour posters
Translatable - black and white posters
Translatable - Story Cube
Translatable - Sounds of Easter Activity
Translatable - Sounds of Easter Answers