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Last Edited 12/19/2014
15 Short Bible Dramas
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15 fun 1- page dramas written for 4 actors. Use all together in a series or individually. Originally written for a week-long Bible club program, they are grouped by theme and include small group discussion questions. Great for downloading and having on hand.

God Chooses Us \1. Abraham\2. Daniel\3. Mary\ God Gives Us Jesus to be Our Savior and Example\4. Jesus Prepares\5. Jesus Teaching and Healing\6. Jesus Dying on the Cross and Rising Again\ God's Spirit Leads Us and Goes With Us Everywhere\7. The Spirit of God comes on Bezalel and Oholiab
8. Philip and the Ethiopian
9. The Spirit Leads Paul to Macedonia

We Work Together and Do Our Best\10. Tabitha is Brought Back to Life\11. Priscilla and Aquila and Apollos\12. Onesimus\ Who Can We Invite to Join God's Family?\13. Andrew and Simon Peter
14. Peter and Cornelius\15. Lois, Eunice and Timothy

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