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Games - no equipment
People have always been resourceful and found inventive ways to play together and have fun. Sometimes we have used whatever is around us to play with – like a rock or stick. Sometimes we have made up games that use nothing except our own bodies. See the short demonstration videos for help on how to play. Games that do not require any equipment are ideal for situations where: •       The program is improvised •       The number of players is not fixed •       There is no or little budget •       Where proper equipment is difficult to access Remember, many things can be adapted and used in place of equipment. Be inventive and try something new.
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Look up look down - video
Cat and mouse - video
Cross the circle - video
Body Challenge - video
Body challenge on pairs - video
Relay games - video
Tag games - video
Partner tag - video
Serpent tag - video
Hug tag - video
Octopus tag - video
Karate Counting - video
Paper Scissors Rock - build up - video
Human Machine - video
Wipe that smile off your face - video
Guess the leader - video
Superman - video
People to people - video
Jump in Jump out- video
Karate Circle - video
Influence - video
Multiplication - video
Telephone Whispers - video
Human Knot - video
Stuck in the mud - video
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