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First Steps BibleMax Curriculum for 3 to 5 year olds

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This library contains active lessons for preschool children and children who are pre-literate.

Young children are always learning! In fact, they learn more during these first few years than they will throughout the rest of their lives.

These lessons are designed to introduce the children to the basic concepts of who God is, who they are, God’s love for them and how they can have a relationship with him. They seek to help you provide a loving environment for young children and teach them the way they learn best.

Each lesson is designed to be taught over two weeks - the first week the focus is on introducing the children to the story and the second week the focus is on the application.

The lesson material includes:

  • learning activities to encourage the children to explore elements of the story or the teaching points
  • Bible content with the story (including ideas for visual aids) and the memory verse
  • interaction activities to encourage the children to interact with the lesson in order to understand and remember it
  • parents’ sheets to let them know what is being taught in the class and give some ideas on how to continue to teach the concepts at home
  • take-home colouring sheets to give to the children with a picture of the story and a brief re-telling of it

As well as the basic lesson materials, some units also have a "limited resource" version of the lessons for use when you don't have access to a photocopier or very many craft/play materials.

Some units have coloured versions of the story pictures and symbols for use as visual aids.

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